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Support Us!

We need your help in making our show and podcast the best it can be. By supporting us on our Patreon page, you are not only giving yourself access to a whole host of bonus content and merchandise, but helping us to fund our show and podcast as we look to make Pottervision bigger and better than ever. 

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Bonus Content!

We are releasing a bonus episode of the podcast every other week on our Patreon page, which covers other Harry Potter media and anything else that might interest us! These include:


Wizarding World Films and Books


Exclusive Interviews

Unusual Films and TV Shows

Check-out one of our episodes for free here!

Merchandise and Extras!

Depending on which tier you subscribe to, you'll get a whole host of Pottervision goodies! These include:

2019 and 2023 Live Show Recordings

Keyrings, Stickers and Signed Posters

Shout-Outs on the Podcast and 
Personalised Thank-You Videos

Access to an Exclusive Discord Server

Early Episodes Releases and Video Versions of the Podcast

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